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    Only in Budapest

    Only in Budapest, Smith, Duncan J. D.


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    Idegen nyelvű könyvek

    A Guide to Unique Locations, Hidden Corners and Unusual Objects

    Jel-Kép Kiadó

    2-5 munkanap

    4 990 Ft

    3 992 Ft

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    Based on personal experience walking through the Hungarian capital, the author and ''Urban Explorer'' Duncan J. D. Smith opens new and unusual perspectives.
    He reveals the Budapest of eccentric museums, hidden courtyards, and forgotten cemeteries, the Children's Railway, Rabbit Island, and Ruin Pubs, the Hospital in the Rock and the tomb of Gül Baba.
    Set off with this guide on your own expedition through one of Europe's most beautiful cities.

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    Only in Budapest

    Nur in Budapest

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    Megjelenés 2013
    Isbn 9638778291
    Szerző Smith, Duncan J. D.
    Kiadó Jel-Kép Kiadó
    Ean 9789638778291
    Méret 135x210x16
    Oldalszám 244
    Kötés cérnafűzött kartonált
    Nyelv angol

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